Nocturnal Creature
Big Bird, No Feathers
Flying Creature Like a Pterosaur in Texas
The second edition
of the nonfiction book
"Live Pterosaurs in
America" has a chapter
on the Marfa Lights
of southwest Texas.
Consider a brief
By Jonathan David Whitcomb
"Hendricks believes . . . that the truly
mysterious lights of Marfa are similar to ball
lightning or to atmospheric lights related
to the aurora borealis . . . He admitted to
me that Marfa Lights last much longer
than ball lightning and are seen in all kinds of weather (discounting ball lightning), and he told me what he himself had seen, near the MLVP, unwittingly suggesting a bioluminescent creature."
" . . . Hendricks saw a light come down and move about in the
nearby bushes, like an animal would. In the morning, he searched
those bushes but found nothing. I suspect that Hendricks had witnessed a ropen-like nocturnal flying predator that was chasing
a Big Brown Bat."[In this area of Texas, this bat is common.]
Copyright 2010  Jonathan Whitcomb
According to the book "Live Pterosaurs in America,"
two young adults, brother and sister, observed
a strange flying creature one night in San Antonio,
Texas. “We noticed something flying around across
the road. . . . The shape was wrong for any large bird of the area, and [it] was much too large to be any bat."
Flying Creature at Night
Live Pterosaurs in America
Cryptozoology Book
Like a big bird
but not a bird