Chess Tutor in Salt Lake Valley of Utah

Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, author of the new book Beat That Kid in Chess, is now offering private and group lessons. His abilities can benefit 99% of those who live in the Salt Lake Valley, whatever your present skill in chess (up to intermediate tournament level in USCF-organized competition).

He is available to teach raw beginners, advanced beginners, and others, up to a range of experienced intermediate tournament players. This chess coach has more than just academic knowledge in the royal game, with a broad range of chess experiences that include many tournaments and organized team-match play in California.

He is now available to travel to your home (or to a library near your home, according to your choice). Tutoring lessons cost $25 each, with no traveling charges if you live in the Salt Lake Valley.

Chess Lessons for All Ages

Whitcomb has taught chess to those of many ages: children, teenagers, and adults. He and his wife had a state license, for many years, for a large family day care in Southern California, before they moved to Utah in 2014, so Jonathan has more experience teaching chess to kids than to teenagers and adults, yet the age of the student is of little importance.

Jonathan Whitcomb and his wife Gladys

Jonathan Whitcomb and his wife Gladys, when they lived in California


Free Chess Book With First Lesson

With your first lesson, you get a free book: Beat That Kid in Chess. It’s for the raw beginner, so if you are more advanced in your chess abilities then you can always give the book as a gift, perhaps to a family member or friend or relative. This may be the first chess book ever written that uses the new NIP system of instruction systematically. NIP stands for nearly-identical positions, and this can greatly help you in quickly learning to recognize when a chess tactic works and when it does not.

Here is part of a reader’s review of this chess book:

This book is perfect for someone who knows the basic rules of chess but needs additional help to actually win. . .  I love the way this book is organized: It’s starts with a few simple chess terms, progresses to chapter topics that start where most puzzles start-the end, and then ends with simple and advanced exercises, as well as a thorough index.

Contact the Salt Lake Valley Chess Tutor

Contact Jonathan by email or by phone (801-590-9692) and ask any question you like. As long as you do not live too far away from Murray, Utah (i.e., in the Salt Lake Valley), the cost for a chess lesson is only $25. This includes free chess educational materials and the one copy of the book Beat That Kid in Chess.

A short introductory meeting is free (as are phone calls and email communication).

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess teacher

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess coach in the Salt Lake Valley



The Chess Coach Jonathan Whitcomb

I began teaching chess informally, in the 1960’s when I was a teenager, mostly introducing the game to relatives and family members.

 A Chess Coach in the Salt Lake Valley

Jonathan Whitcomb, an active member of the Harman Center Chess Club in West Valley, Utah, is the developer of the NIP system of chess instruction (nearly-identical positions) and the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess.

Chess Lessons in Arizona

At Arizona Chess Central our mission is to deliver the best chess opportunities for all scholastic chess players by providing high quality low cost tournaments, camps, instruction and activities.


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