Owl or Pterosaur?
Glowing Creature
Bioluminescent Nocturnal Flying Creatures
When Wesley
Koro, on Umboi
Island, Papua New
Guinea, answered the
question about the size
of the ropen, he said,
"Too big." his brother,
Gideon, was precise: The
tail was seven meters long.
By Jonathan David Whitcomb
Ropen of Umboi Island
Apparent pterosaurs, similar to the ropen of the Southwest Pacific, are also seen in the United States. Some of them also glow, although not usually exactly like the ropen of Umboi: The flash patterns are usually differ and in some parts of the U.S. the creatures seem to hunt in groups rather than alone as on Umboi Island.
Too Big!
Copyright 2010  Jonathan Whitcomb
Not all mysterious nocturnal flying creatures that
glow are modern living pterosaurs. Some "ghost lights"
are the bioluminescence of common barn owls: Tyto Alba. Slow-moving, near-the-ground, wandering back and forth--
those "ghost lights" are probably made by barn owls, not
by the pterosaur-like glowing creatures similar to ropens.
Flying Creature of the Night
Glowing Creature of Marfa, Texas
"Remember your worst nightmare? Were you glad to wake up? Be grateful. In the early morning hours of February 23, 2010, a few miles or so southwest of Marfa, Texas, the victims were ter-rified by what awakened them. I am not the eyewitness, but a few days after this event, I interviewed my friend James, who had been driving through Southern Texas; he had stopped at the Marfa Lights viewing platform to see whatever he could.
"James did not actually see the carnage. . . .
"What could be worse than any nightmare? In the dead of night, you are awakened by what you fear most, glaring down at you. To humans, this monster should not even exist except in a dream. This one is real. Race out of your bedroom; itís after you. Race out the front door; it follows. Search for a place to hide; itís too late. You are exposed, surrounded by many monsters ready to feast. You have fallen into their trap. Your family is scattered, chased across the freezing countryside. You are alone. You are Eptesicus fuscus, a Big Brown Bat."
Nonfiction Cryptozoology Book
The giant nocturnal ropen of Umboi
Island (known by other names in other areas
of Papua New Guinea) is mostly seen at night, for it glows
with bioluminescence. From a distance at night, eyewitnesses see no shape of the ropen-animal but only a bright flying glow.
Glowing Flying Creatures in the USA
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